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Skyroam global hotspot

Never Worry About

  • Counting megabytes
  • Figuring out pricing zones
  • Unlocking your device
  • Renting or returning costly equipment
  • Tedious activation processes
  • Looking for prepaid SIMs
  • Overage
  • Bill Shock

Check Balance - Easily check your account type and daypass balance.

Recharge - Contact Gentay for attractive package options

Image Stabilisation, Sharpness and Advanced Anti-Shake - High quality images are produced every time, minimising the possibility of blurring.

Usage & Billing Details - Keep track of all your recent usage and check billing details.

Support - Easy place to reach out to Skyroam in case you need support: chat, phone or email.

Skyroam Hotspot will not work on open water.

Only satellite technology works far from land. However, Skyroam Hotspots will work when your vessel gets closer to ports and destinations. The closer you are to land, the better connection you will receive.