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Maritime Security & Anti-Piracy Product: LRAD Long Range Acoustic Device


Maximum power in a small, rugged package - the hand-held LRAD 100X easily overcomes background noise from vehicles, vessels, sirens and boisterous crowds to ensure your message is clearly delivered and understood.

LRAD 100X is 10-21dB louder than standard megaphones, making it four to six times louder than systems of comparable size and weight. Optimized driver and wave-guide design ensures clear and loud voice communication so every syllable is understood. The warning tone provides a non-lethal deterrent, changes behaviour, and in most situations prevents the escalation of force.

LRAD 100X is available in a wireless configuration that allows for remote operation up to 300 meters away. Interfaces include a standard microphone and a rugged media player designed for tactile operation, allowing officers to keep their eyes on their target at all times.

What is LRAD?

LRAD is the world standard for acoustic hailing devices. No other can match LRAD's demonstrated experience, performance, or reliability with thousands of LRAD units operating in challenging environments worldwide.

LRAD allows you to determine intent at a safe range and have time to react. It is a Critical Part of a Layered Defense that Fulfills the Fundamental Requirement to Hail, Notify & Warn and Provides Deterrence.

It gives Long Range Clear Communication over significant background noise to alert and warn intruders. There are Unmistakable warning tone and messages in multiple languages to ensure your message is received. This enables you to give crystal clear communication at long range with a high intensity and directional sound. Enabling you to:

  • Establish intent
  • Isolate threats from inadvertent intrusions
  • Hail, notify and warn an intruder
  • Justifies escalation of force
  • Change behaviour
  • High intensity tone deters intruder actions

Pirates begin an attack at 500 - 1000 meters away. LRAD Communicates a Warning Tone (Alert) and a Plain Voice message (Multi-Language). This then mean that Pirates:

  • Know they have lost the element of surprise
  • Know the vessel is prepared
  • Know an investment has been made in security
  • Believe coalition forces have likely been notified

If a Security Team are present onboard then it enables them to:

  • Use deterrent tone (153dB @ 1 Meter)
  • Justified in firing warning shots
  • Justified in shoot to kill